Future is a beautiful story. 
Energy compangy is developing a long-term partnership with transport manufacturers to develop new sustainable modes of transport. 
To re-design new mobile vehciles to use smaller-displacement, low-fuel-consumption engines, using biofuels, such as algae fuel or soyabean fuel, 
and using biodegradable interface materials in every parts of the car, such as in seats and driver's discs.
Environmental friendly, Futurismus, eco feminismus, sustainable energy,
ST 1 create a beautiful future.
About the Brief:
My role:
After getting this brief and before the workshop started I did some research and asked questions to quickly inspire the relevant topics.

During the two-week workshop, I gained inspiration and ideas in the first few days as I participated in different breakout groups, all from different disciplinary backgrounds. We explored many aspects and potential ideas such as new sustainable energy sources such as biofuels, some more transparent and smarter data structures for ST1, a large energy company, some smarter platforms and logistics in the fashion sector, but also the importance of providing a culture of sustainable innovation to solve the sustainable energy problem, and in the end, our team (Eina McHugh, Anian Scheibel, Miquel Piza) ended the workshop by presenting some of our ideas on innovation centres, such as how to protect and encourage new employees in large companies.

At the end of this workshop, I used the concepts of speculative and radical design, borrowed from the tool about artificial intelligence to generate ideas, to generate a sustainable transport for the future.
Brainstroming: pre-work
Participate in the two-weeks workshop about radical creativity in aalto design factory
A sustainable culture of innovation is critical for energy companies transitioning to a better future.
Post-work. Radical sustainable vehcles concept
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